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Exploring The World Through Free Sampling

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Divinii is a social media + restaurant discovery platform

We are committed to creating a platform where food-lovers (like you)
are rewarded with free food every time you dine with our
restaurant partners—as you embark on this journey
to discover your next favorite restaurant.


      Because a foodie revolution is about to begin.    


Since the food delivery trend kicked off in 2013, 
the restaurant industry has been in a state of
in its decision to prioritize between the
on-premise orders and the
less-profitable off-premise orders.






Restaurant industry is trending toward
off-premise dining.

People’s love for convenience fueled the industry’s reliance on the third-party food delivery companies.

And the COVID-19 pandemic only accelerated the delivery business even more, turning the entire industry on its head, and driving industry experts to declare the future of the restaurant industry to be a mostly off-premise experience.


The dining experience, as we know it today, will gradually phase out, as brick-and-mortar restaurants are forced out of business by the looming dark (ghost) kitchen models.

But it doesn't have to be end this way.

At Divinii, our goal is to save the restaurant
businesses from the food delivery trend that’s
plaguing the restaurant industry.


To do this, we partner with independent restaurants
in inviting you to experience dining in a completely
new and exhilarating way via free sampling; an experience which you cannot find with delivery.


Because we understand that food-lovers like you cannot be contained at home. 


Your adventurous side is begging you to go out, to explore a world full of exciting food and beverages.



Divinii's core values are led by the following 3 pillars of mission:

1.  Building a Foodie Community

The act of dining doesn’t have to be about
enjoying the food alone, all by yourself.

Divinii is on a mission to create a tight-knit
community of food-lovers who also
share your love and curiosity
for trying new restaurants.

We build a platform where you can connect with
other foodies in your area (and around the world)
to learn more about different cuisines, and explore
your taste buds first through free sampling.


So  lonely...

2.  Empowering Restaurant Businesses

As technology advances at an ever-increasing rate,
the restaurant industry is also becoming more susceptible
to the “high-tech, low-touch” phenomenon.    


Even when your business is thriving (especially with food delivery) your customers may seem to be moving
further and further away from your brand. 

According to the industry experts, the future
of the restaurant industry is in the
food delivery business. 


Food aggregators will dominate the field,
and delivery robots, drones, and dark
kitchens will become the norm.








Divinii is on a mission to turn the tide around. 
We help restaurant owners to push back
against this trend, and empower them with
tools to help them connect with their
customers and building more personal
      relationships with their guests.      

It’s time for restaurant owners to take a stand,
and win back the loyalty of their customers.


(source)  National Restaurant Association 


Delivery robots/drones

Dark (ghost) kitchens


Building more personal
relationships with customers.

3.  Protecting Our Environment

The biggest problem amidst this global trend
in food delivery isn’t so much that we
haven’t discovered better, more eco-friendly
alternatives to plastics, but that we’re
becoming increasingly more dependent
on single-use products. 

Seeing the green-striped biodegradable cups
and compostable forks and spoons make
us feel great about our purchase—after all,
we’re not using plastic.  But the carbon
footprints emitted from harvesting the
resources, making the products, and
transporting these products to their
destinations could in fact outweigh
all the intended benefits, and can
actually be worse than our previous
dependency on plastic.  

Collectively, our goal as a society should
be to try to reduce waste, not to generate
more simply because the products
  we used are labeled “green.”

Divinii is on a mission to avert this garbage
problem that’s polluting our air and water.
By collaborating with our restaurant partners,
we aim to reduce traces of single-use
products by bringing our beloved customers
back into the restaurant.


Trash and pollution

Meet Our Team

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Andrew thinks that this page is already too long.

So he decided to make a separate page.

To read more about his story, please visit the About Me page.

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