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Hi!  My name is Andrew.  


Someone, somewhere on the internet once said that any respectable
website should have an “About Us” page to prove that they’re real. 

(Ugh, fine…)


So here we go~!  :3



I was born in Taiwan, and came to the US when I was 7 years old. 
Like pretty much all Asian parents who wanted a better life for their kids
when they arrived here, my parents toiled away most of their lives
working at a restaurant. 


Or should I say—OUR restaurant.    


That’s right.  My parents used to own a vegetarian restaurant. 


As kids, my sister and I would be helping out before school, after school,
over the weekends, and during the holidays.  My sister would help out in the front
with our Mom to take orders and to make drinks; while I was stuck in the kitchen
with my Dad (who’s always grumpy) washing dishes and getting yelled at.    


Because we were stranded at the restaurant 95% of the time,
we were blessed with the opportunity to bond with the staffs. 
We regularly stood by them at the front lines when the days got busy. 
We worked together, ate together, and honestly, these big bros and big sis
were the friends we never really had in school since we never
had the time to do any extracurricular activities. 


They were like families to us.    


Even though I still reminisce back to those good old days, I vowed to
never go back into the restaurant business again.  It was brutal. 

(Well, well, lookie here…ain’t that ironic!)


Not entirely sure why, but I eventually graduated from college
with a kind-of-useless degree in Music Education. 
After 2 years of teaching in the public, I think it’s safe to
say that I’ve had enough dealing with the little rascals.  xP


In the meantime, I was managing a YouTube channel with “mild success.” 
Success as in—I accrued over 1,000,000 views on my channel. 
Mild as in—I was a starving artist. 

Fans suggested that I sell the sheet music I produced since everybody else
was doing it.  But my moral compass convinced me otherwise.
  Just because everybody else is doing it doesn’t make it right. 
I felt I had no right to profit off selling the sheet music unless
I was given consent from their respective publishers. 

So I sought after the next best idea—
hoping people would donate money for the effort I put in. 

(Oh, my sweet summer child…)


Over the following 3 years, I made a grand total of..….(drum rolls)












Thank you, Steffen, for your generous donation!


So...after putting in 1200+ hours of work, I made just $0.67 per year.
  Not even enough to order something off McDonald’s $1 menu!


That’s when I called it quits.  I was officially a starving artist.

(You can even find my name in the dictionary under “starving artist.”)


I LOVE my fans.  But this is no way to make a living.



A lot of things happened. 


Too many things.  Unpleasant things. 


So much that I could write an entire memoir about my journey.  (Maybe one day.)



Starting my own YouTube channel has taught me a great deal about losing and winning,
but more importantly, what it means to really “impact someone’s life.” 








I LOVE that feeling of “making a difference.” 

To leave my mark in this world.  (And so should you!) 

It’s the best feeling ever!

Even though I have failed in my attempt at YouTube, I've never
regretted my firm stance in doing what’s right before making a profit.

At Divinii, that principal continues to hold true, and will
ALWAYS be the core of our company culture.        


Our mission is to build a platform where:

                                1.  Restaurant businesses could thrive.

                                2.  Food lovers can enjoy this ride, meeting new people
                                     and exploring new cuisines.   

                                3.  All the while protecting the environment, as we reduce the use
                                     of single-use products (generated by food delivery) one meal at a time.

Thanks for visiting this page!  =)





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